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We provide favorable conditions for small businesses with big potential!
Reasonable price

We know that a newly founded business has limited financial resources so we calculate this into our pricing.

Share based payment

If there is a need and we also like your idea, we are willing to build your project for a share.

Fast work

Startups often require tight schedules so we calculate our deadlines while taking this into account.


If it is more suitable to you than you can pay in installments.

Cutting edge technology

We know about and also use the best new technologies.


Az ötletedet teljesen titokban tartjuk, amennyiben van rá igény, titoktartási nyilatkozatot is aláírunk.

Why choose us?

Our advantages:
Different payment methods

You can pay by using your favorite payment method.

We give you advice

We also have startup experience so we are glad to share this with you.

We help you

If there is a need we can help you in design and also in impelmentation.